Tornado Strike
Philip E. West

Oil on canvas painting. Size: 30” x 18”

Overall print size approx: 28” x 18” / 711mm x 458mm

Price: £4995

Today's RAF Tornado's and the aircrew that fly them offer a world-class interdiction/ground attack and reconnaissance package that is second to none. The Tornado GR4 is capable of supersonic speeds and flight at low-level, making it one of the most potent attack aircraft in the world today. New systems and weapon's upgrades will ensure that the Tornado remains a versatile, effective and vital platform for many years to come.

Primary Edition signed by three pilots and three navigators. Artist Proofs and Remarques are signed by five pilots and three navigators.

The following aircrew have signed copies of “Tornado Strike”.

Wing Commander Alistair J. Byford MA RAF (Officer Commanding 31 Squadron) He has flown nearly 3000 hours including 10 operational deployments.

Sqn. Ldr. Andrew Arnold, Navigator, RAF, 31 Sqn. Executive Officer.

Flt. Lt. Helen Dawson, Navigator. RAF

Flt. Lt. Tom Boyle, Reserve Pilot. RAF

Major Matteo Omura, Navigator, Italian Air Force

Flt. Lt. Neil Pappini, Pilot, RAF

The following two pilots also signed the Artist Proofs and Remarques:

Flt. Lt. James Heeps, Pilot RAF

Lt. Mark Humphries, Pilot. Royal Navy

Edition size: 350 £95 (approx. US$176) plus 25 Artist Proofs £125 (approx. US$£232) and 25 Remarques £250 (approx. US$463)

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