Six Turning, four Burning<br> By Mike Machat
Six Turning, four Burning
By Mike Machat
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Limited Edition of 1000: $125
S/N by the Artist & One Pilot
Image Size: 27" x 13.5"
Paper Size: 23.25" x 21"

Plane Type: Convair B-36 Peacemaker

A giant by almost every measurement, the B-36 was a unique aircraft for its time. With a design laid out in the midst of the war years, the B-36 was an engineering and manufacturing marvel when compared to the typical WWII bomber. At 163 feet the B-36 fuselage was as long as a B-29 and B-17 placed nose to tail and the 230 foot wing span was more than twice that of the B-24. The tip of the rudder was 46 feet 10 inches off the ground, almost the length of the B-25. With six P&W R4360 piston engines and four GE J-47 jet engines, the mammoth bomber could fly at more than 43,000 feet with a top speed of 418 mph. With fuel weapons and a crew of 16 men, the maximum weight of the bomber reached 410,000 pounds. Typical of the rapid pace of technological developments of the time the B-36 Peacemaker had a relatively short operational life, with the last model being retired in early 1959. Of the 325 B-36s that were built only four examples exist today.

Personally Autographed by Retired Convair Test Pilot Beryl Erickson.

SIX TURNING, FOUR BURNING by MIKE MACHAT (Convair:B-36: Beryl Erickson:)


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