Ronald Wong
Ronald Wong, BSc(Hons), GavA, ASAA, GMA, TWAS

Ronald Wong has arrived at his career in Art via a devious route indeed. A scientist by training , Ronald specialized in biochemistry for his degree in Britain. After some years working in the Health Service in London, he made the decision to pursue his childhood interest in art and since 1976 has been a professional artist. Although his strength in recent years has without doubt been in the very specialized realm of aviation, his first artistic forays were into areas no less challenging----portraiture, animals and wildlife, and landscapes. Particularly memorable are his portrayals of many prize breeds at London animal shows in those early years.

Aviation had made an indelible impression when growing up close to the flight path in Hong Kong, and when he joined the Guild of Aviation Artists in Britain his work quickly began to attract attention and win prizes. An additional boost in those early years was the special interest and appreciation shown by overseas Air Forces, in particular the United States Air Force, with which he continues to have a close association and cooperate in artistic projects. The vast majority of his work are specially commissioned “from source”---directly from airmen---in which his aim is to achieve not only technical accuracy but to capture the unique atmosphere and dynamism of different flight scenarios, no less than the realism and vitality imparted to his wildlife work. Today his aviation work encompasses not only air forces of diverse nationalities but airline and aerospace companies and important galleries.

Ronald continues to be one of the most successful independent artists, which, with his wide-ranging interests, suits him particularly well. He is also a member of the American Society of Aviation Artists, the Guild of Motoring Artists, and The Wildlife Art Society. He lives in Hertfordshire where he has his new, expanded studio.

A Friend In Need<br> By Ronald Wong <br>
A Timeless Classic <br> By Ronald Wong<br>
Against General Winter<br> NEW GICLEE by Ronald Wong<br>
An American Citizen Who Died <br> By Ronald Wong<br>
The 37th Airlift Squadron <br> By Ronald Wong
Birds of Prey <br> F-15E Eagles<br> By Ronald Wong
The Bloody 100th - Then and Now<br> by Ronald Wong
Classic Farewell by Ronald Wong
Crusaders First Flight<br> By Ronald Wong<br>
Deadly Chase <br> By Ronald Wong<br>
Defending Liberty<br>  F-15E Eagle<br>
Dragonwhales At Sea by Ronald Wong
The Dream Realised <br> B-2 Bomber<br>By Ronald Wong
Dzubek's Deblinskis <br> by Ronald Wong
The Eyes of Freedom <br> By Ronald Wong<br>
Farewell to the King by Ronald Wong
Final Landing by Ronald Wong
Friendly Ordnance <br> By Ronald Wong
Gathering Speed by Ronald Wong
Guardians of Freedom <br> By Ronald Wong <br> CAF Planes<br>
Kick-Off by Ronald Wong
Liberty At War -F-111s of the  48th Fighter Wing - Kuwait<br>
Life In the Fast Lane<br> By Ronald Wong<br>  $115
Manhattan Rising<br> By Ronald Wong<br>
Merlins Over Hatfield <br> By Ronald Wong<br>
Merlin Force Operation<br> by Ronald Wong
The Mighty Mission Combat Shadow <br> By Ronald Wong<br>
Night Owls<br> By Ronald Wong<br>
Night Stalkers by Ronald Wong
Once A Hornet, Always a Hornet <br> By Ronald Wong
Operation Iraqi Freedom by Ronald Wong
Prelude to Peace <br> De Havilland Mosquito<br>
Roving Linebackers <br> By Ronald Wong
SKASaC  Over Helmand Province by Ronald Wong
Spirit On Eagle's Wings <br> By Ronald Wong
Somewhere In Korea<br>By Ronald Wong<br>
Thirty Minutes From London <br>By Ronald Wong
Timeless Classic <br> By Ronald Wong
Trident's Domain<br> By Ronald Wong<br>
TriStar by Ronald Wong
Turn In - Fight's On <br> By Ronald Wong<br>
Warriors Delivering Freedom <br>
Warriors Lend a Hand by Ronald Wong
Wie Ein Floh by Ronald Wong<br> Me-163<br>Signed by Rudolf Opitz _ Luftwaffe Ace
We Supply Airpower<br> KC-135 by Ronald Wong
Whiskey Outbound - AH-64s<br>By Ronald Wong<br>
Red Tails Revenge     <b style= "co</r: red;font-weight:bold,">   NEW RELEASE</b>   </b>   by Ronald Wong

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