RISING INTO THE STORM  by BILL PHILLIPS<br> Signed by 5 Doolittle Raiders<br>
Signed by 5 Doolittle Raiders
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RISING INTO THE STORM  by BILL PHILLIPS<br> Signed by 5 Doolittle Raiders<br>
S/N by the Artist and Five Pilots
L/E of 200 Paper Prints $395.00
(Shown listing all 16 pilots)
Image Size: 24" x 15 1/2"
Paper Size: 27" x 23 1/2"

S/N Limited Giclee Edition $650.00
Image Size: 36" x 22"

Plane Type: B-25 Mitchell

Prints are counter-signed by up to FIVE (5) surviving Doolittle Raiders. (See below) Signing will take place during the 70th reunion in Ohio.

William S. Phillips’ Rising Into the Storm places us just off the bow of the Hornet seconds after Doolittle’s B-25 has left the deck. The atmosphere moments before had been tense. While two test take-offs from the ship had been performed months earlier off Norfolk, VA, those aircraft were not fully laden with fuel, bombs and crew. Throttles at full power, flaps down and his B-25 straining against its brakes, the plane rattled and roared as Doolittle waited for the release from the flag man.

When the signal was given, it was timed so that the carrier would be surging up on the crest of a wave as Doolittle’s plane left the deck. The joint velocity of the aircraft, ship and headwind pushed 50 knots. As Doolittle cleared the bow, a wind blast combined with the nose-high attitude they practiced, shot his Mitchell bomber sharply up in the air. He leveled out before stalling just as the mighty Hornet crashed back into the sea.

At his side sat Lt. Richard E. Cole, his co-pilot and one of the co-signers of the 70th Anniversary Commemorative Editions of Rising Into the Storm. Time has been kind and granted you the opportunity to own an authentic piece of Doolittle Raider history. These editions, beautiful works of art unto themselves, become historical documents when signed by the actual Raiders attending their 70th reunion in Dayton, OH.

Anticipated Signatures:
Col. USAF (Ret.) Richard E. COLE, Co-Pilot Crew 1
Lt. Col. USAF (Ret) Robert L. HITE, Co-Pilot Crew 16
Major USAF (Ret.) Edward J. SAYLOR, Engineer Crew 15
Major USAF (Ret) Thomas C. GRIFFIN, Navigator Crew 9
SSgt David J. THATCHER, Engineer-Gunner Crew 7

RISING INTO THE STORM by WILLIAM S. PHILLIPS (B-25 Mitchell: Doolittle Raid: Gen. James Doolittle)@vbader.com


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