Ramrod - Outward Bound <br> New Release By John Shaw<br> Multi Signatures
Ramrod - Outward Bound
New Release By John Shaw
Multi Signatures
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650 Main Edition $295
S/N by the artist John Shaw & 8 Mustang Pilots
Overall Paper Size: 36" x 25.5"
Image Size: 31" x 19"
150 Artist Proof Edition $395
S/N by the artist John Shaw & 11 Mustang pilots
200 VICTORY "Mighty 8th" EDITION $495
S/N by the artist John Shaw & 14 pilot signatures, inc. B-17 pilot
S/N by the artist John Shaw & 16 pilot signatures, incl. 2 Luftwaffe pilots

Plane Type: P-51 Mustang

A Salute to the Mighty 8th Air Force in World War II

During the winter of 1944- '45, the skies over Germany would routinely be studded with literally thousands of allied aircraft on "RAMROD" missions, a term used by the USAAF for long-range strategic bomber strikes with fighter escorts, flown from their bases in England.

Shown here is famed triple ace Clarence E. "Bud" Anderson, flying his P-51D Mustang "Old Crow", defending B-17s of the 100th Bomb Group. As leading ace of the 357th FG's 363rd squadron, Anderson achieved the remarkable record of 116 missions without ever being hit by enemy aircraft fire.

Main "Aces" Edition

Col. Clarence E. "Bud" ANDERSON - Triple Ace with 16.25 victories
Maj. William H. ALLEN - Ace with 5 victories
Capt. Clinton D. BURDICK - Ace with 6 victories
Col. Art C. FIEDLER - Ace with 8 victories
Col. Joe A. PETERBURS - 1 Victory
Col. Steve PISANOS - Double Ace with 10 victories
Col. Lawrence POWELL - Ace with 5.5 victories
Capt. Clint WHITE - 15th Air Force P-51 pilot

Artist's Proof includes all signatures above plus: Capt. James L. BROOKS - Double Ace with 13.5 victories Maj. Urban "Ben" DREW - Ace with 6 victories Lt. Col. Robert A. KARR - Ace with 6 victories

Victory "Mighty 8th" Edition includes all signatures above plus: Col. Donald CUMMINGS - Ace with 6.5 victories Col. Clyde B. EAST - Double Ace with 14 victories Capt. E.F. "Woody" BLONDFIELD - B-17 pilot - 100th BG

Publisher Proof includes all signatures above plus: Leutnant Jorg CZYPIONKA - Me262 pilot with 2 night victories Oberleutnant Kurt SCHULZE - Me109 pilot with 3 victories

RAMROD OUTWARD BOUND by JOHN SHAW(Bud Anderson:357th FG: P-51 Mustang)@vbader.com/virginiabaderfinearts


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