<b style= "color: red;font-weight:bold,">    PRINTS ON SALE -</b> THROUGH 31ST AUGUST, 2017

Shown below are prints that we have on sale through The 31st August , 2017

Shoo Shoo Baby<br> By John Young<br>  $35<br>
A Record For Russo<br>Signed by Michael T. Russo<br>by Roy Grinnell
Adding Insult to Injury <br>By Roy Grinnell<br> Signed by Jerry Collingsworth<br>
Avro Lancaster - Final Mission  By John Young<br> Signed By Leonard Cheshire, VC
Blue Max<br> By James Dietz<br>
Bomber's Moon by Nicolas Trudgian
Cactus Scramble by David Poole
Danger! Lightning Nearby <br> Signed by 10 P-38 Aces<br> By Roy Grinnell<br>
Down On The Farm <br> By Frank Wootton<br>Signed by Bob Doe
Eagles Prey by Roy Grinnell<br> Signed by "Red" McColpin
Enduring Eddie by John Young
First American Ace - Edition Two<br>Signed by Steve Ritchie<br>
Fifth Victory by Roy Grinnell<br>   <b style="color:blue;font-weight: bold;">   Signed by WWI Ace Douglas Campbell<br></b>
First Blood <br>By Roy Grinnell <br> Signed by Tex Hill<br>
First Marine Ace<br>By Roy Grinnell <br> Signed By Marion Carl<br>
First Sting <br> Signed by Ace James F. Luma<br>By Roy Grinnell
First Victory by Roy Grinnell <br>  <b style="color:blue;font-weight: bold;">  Signed by George Vaughn</b>
Fill up for the Cadillac by John Young
Fortresses Engaged<br>By Keith Ferris<br> 100th Bomb Group<br>
Gentleman As You Were<br> By Gil Cohen<br> Pilot Signed<br>
Guardians of the Atlantic Wall by John Young
Heartland Express<br> By John Young<br>
High Noon Over Alicante<br> Signed by Maj. Jay T. Robbins<br>
Inspiration by John Young<br> 60th Anniversary Douglas Bader Edition<br>2 Left
 <b style="color:red;font-weight: bold;">NEW</b>     The Last of the First<br> By Frank Wootton
Last Victory <br> <b style="color:blue;font-weight: bold;">    Signed WWI Ace<br> Ray Brooks<br></b>
Look No Hands<br>By Frank Wootton<br> Signed by Geoffrey Page<br>
Maximum Effort<br> by Nicolas Trudgian<br> 9 Signatures<br>
Merlins In The Mist<br> by Robin Smith
The Mighty Eighth<br> by Nicolas Trudgian<br> Pilot Signed<br>
Night Victory <br>By Roy Grinnell<br> Signed by Ace Guy P. Bordelon<br>
 "Nine O Nine": No Turning Back<br> By Phillip West<br>
Number 20 For Joe <br> By Roy Grinnell<br> Signed by Joe Foss
Ploesti - Into The Fire and Fury<br>By Bill Phillips<br>Only 1 Artist Proof Left
P-51 Mustang <br> By John Young<br><b style="color:red;font-weight: bold;">ORIGINAL AVAILABLE</b>
Readiness at Dawn by Nicolas Trudgian <br> 10 Signatures
 Requiem For Torpedo Eight   by Gil Cohen<br> The Battle of Midway
Red, White and Blue<br> By James Dietz<br>
Shooting Star <br>  By James Dietz
Shrinking Land<br> By John Young
Twenty One  Seconds to Splash 5<br>By Roy Grinnell<br> Signed by Steve Ritchie<br>
There Went Number Ten<br> Signed By Gen Frederick "Boots" Blesse<br>
Together We Stand<br> By Philip E. West
TYPHOON by FRANK WOOTTON<br> Great Signatures
Unlucky Seven <br> By Roy Grinnell<br> Signed by David McCampbell<br>
We Never Slept by Robin Smith
Yeager's First Jet by Roy Grinnell
Yeager's Last Military Flight <br> By Roy Grinnell<br> Chuck Yeager Signed<br>

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