PACIFIC THEATER  - Battle of Midway - Pearl Harbor - Guadacanal
Battle of Midway
Pearl Harbor

Shown below are prints showing the planes of The Pacific Theater. The SBD Dauntless - B-29 - B-24 - Wildcat - Hellcat and many others:

EARLY RISER  by JIM LAURIER<br><b style= "color: blue;font-weight:bold,">NEW CANVAS RELEASE</b>
FIRST ENCOUNTER - ZERO <b style= "color: red;font-weight:bold,"> NEW  RELEASE </b>      by JIM LAURIER
VRACIU/COATES - F6F Hellcat - Military Signature Archive
AND NOW THE TRAP by BILL PHILLIPS<br><b style= "color: blue;font-weight:bold,">NEW CANVAS RELEASE </b>
Best on Deck by Jim Dietz<br> Battle of Midway<br>
Black Sheep at Munda <br> GICLEE CANVAS RELEASE <br> By Jim Laurier
Catalina Take Off <br> By Roy Cross
Can't Wave Off - GICLEE CANVAS <br> by Peter Loughlin
Closing The Gap<br> Grumman TBM Avenger<br>FM Wildcat<br>
Corsair! New Release by Jack Fellows <br>
Dangerous Skies<br>By Jack Fellows
Famous 4 Minutes<br> By R.G. Smith<br>Remembering Pearl Harbor<br>
Final Approach to Home <br> By Tom Freeman<br>
Fighting 17 <br> By Jim Laurier<br> Signed by 3 VF-17 Pilots<br>
First Hit at Midway by Paul Rendel - SBD Dauntless - $135
Hamilton McWhorter III by Jim Laurier
Harpooned<br>  P-V1 Ventura<br>by Don Feight
Heading for the Convoys<br> By Stephen Brown
Lindbergh’s Secret<br> By Dom DeNardo<br>
Maj. Bruce Porter <br> Marine Night Fighter Ace<br>  $85<br>
Marine Corsairs<br> By Jim Laurier <br>
No Saki Tonight <br> NEW  Limited Edition Print by John Shaw
PAPPY<br> NEW Giclee Canvas<br> By Jim Laurier
Pearl Harbor 07:55 - While The Giant Slept<br>By Dru Blair
The Professionals<br> By Jim Dietz<br>
REQUIEM FOR TORPEDO EIGHT by GIL COHEN<br> The Battle of Midway - $101`.50
Safe Harbor by Jim Dietz
Salute to the Jolly Rogers<br> By Dom DeNardo<br> Signed by Bob McClurg
SHOMO - "The Natural" <br> <b style= "color: red;font-weight:bold,">NEW RELEASE</b>   by Jack Fellows
SNJ Run Up <br> NEW RELEASE by Peter Loughlin<br>
Topaz One at Twilight<br> By Brian Bateman
Until The Last Moment <br> NEW RELEASE by Jim Laurier
Victory Flyover <br> NEW GICLEE RELEASE<br> By Robert Taylor
Warm Reception by Jim Dietz <br> Joe Foss signed

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