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The Jet Hunters
By Robert Taylor
Great Signatures
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Overall Print Size: 34 3/4” wide x 24 3/4” high

On 10 April 1945 thirteen hundred bombers of the Mighty Eighth set out to destroy the last of the Luftwaffe’s jet force. But, unknown to the bomber crews and their fighter escort, the enemy jets were already airborne and waiting to spring their deadly trap. As the war in mainland Europe entered its final, bloody phase, the German Armies defending Berlin fought on with a savage determination, slowly disintegrating before the mighty weapon of war unleashed against them. What remained of the Luftwaffe was mercilessly pounded from the air, their airfields hammered relentlessly. Aircraft, fuel, spare parts, ammunition and pilots all in short supply but still they fought on, with deadly effect. At the forefront of the German offensive and pivotal during the defence of the Reich, were the highly advanced jet fighters of the Luftwaffe, and in particular the legendary Me262.

Throughout the final stages of the war there were many examples of the determination and skill of Allied pilots flying slower piston-engined fighters triumphing over the cream of the Luftwaffe in their highly advanced but often temperamental jet fighters.

The Military Gallery is proud that this classic edition has been authenticated with the original signature of Wayne Gatlin himself, alongside some of the Luftwaffe’s most famous exponents of the jet. In addition the prints are personally signed by a staggering number of WWII’s most experienced allied fighter pilots, all of whom had victories against the jets of the Luftwaffe – they were the Jet Hunters!

Every print in has been signed by three, highly-distinguished veterans who belong to that small, talented band of Allied fighter pilots to have scored a victory over a jet.

Major General WAYNE C. GATLIN
On 10 April 1945 he destroyed the Me262 jet portrayed in the main painting immediately damaging another. Squadron Leader JUREK MENCEL
Downed an Me262 whilst flying a Mustang III on 9 April 1945 Colonel JOE PETERBURS
Shot down the Me262 of Walter Schuck, on the 10th April, 1945

THE PILOTS’ EDITION This outstanding TWELVE signature edition is issued with the magnificent pencil companion print Black November Day and the main print is additionally signed by a further four pilots who scored victories over German jets:

Lieutenant Colonel DON CUMMINGS One of only two fighter pilots to shoot down two Me262’s during WWII on 25 Feb 1945 – 6˝ victories in total.

The first Pilot ever to score a victory over a jet when he downed an Me163 on 29 July 1944 – 14 victories in total. Captain WAYNE L. COLEMAN
Destroyed an Me262 on 31 March 1945 – 4 victories in total. Lieutenant Colonel HUIE LAMB
Shot down an Me262 on 15 October 1944 and then an Arado 234 Blitz-Bomber on 19th March 1945 – 2 victories in total.

The companion drawing is signed by five of the Luftwaffe’s iconic Me262 pilots:

JG7 with 12 victories in the jet – 222 victories in total Oberleutnant WALTER SCHUCK
JG7 with 8 victories in the jet – 206 victories in total Major HANS-EKKEHARD BOB
EJG2 & JV44 – 60 victories in total Feldwebel ERNST GIEFING
JG 7 with 2 victories in the jet – 6 victories in total. Leutnant NORBERT HANNIG
JG7 – 42 victories in total

With all the components of the Pilots Edition the main print in the strictly limited Artists Proofs are additionally signed by two USAAF Fighter Pilots who scored victories over German jets, creating an outstanding FOURTEEN signature edition:

Major General EDWARD GILLER Destroyed an Me262 on 9 April 1945 – 3 victories in total Captain CLAYTON ‘KELLY’ GROSS Shot down an Me262 on 14 April 1945 – 6 victories in total.

THE JET HUNTERS’ EDITION Issued with all the components of the Artist Proofs, this TWENTY signature edition has been additionally signed by an Me262 night-fighter pilot and seven P-51 pilots, all with victories over Luftwaffe jets: Major URBAN DREW
The fourth pilot ever to shoot down an Me262 and one of only two pilots to destroy two, on 7 October 1944 – 6 victories in total. Lieutenant Colonel DON BRYAN
Destroyed an Arado 234 jet on 14 March 1945 – 13˝ victories in total. Lieutenant Colonel RALPH DELGADO
Shot down an Me262 on 2 March 1945 First Lieutenant STEPHEN ANANIAN
Downed an Me262 on 9 Feb 1945 – 4 victories in total. Captain JOHN FITCH
Downed an Me262 on the 18th November 1944.

The companion drawing Black November Day is additionally signed by:

Me262 Night-Fighter with NJG 11 – a total of 2 victories in the jet

JET HUNTERS by ROBERT TAYLOR (Me-262: P-51 Mustang:Me-262 Night Fighters:)


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