James Dietz

A historical painting stands or falls on how well it depicts the story it is attempting to illustrate, and how convincingly it combines the people, their actions, costumes, surroundings and atmosphere in an appropriate composition. A good historical painting uses all of these elements to tell the major story and perhaps a second subtext. Both are driven by how interesting the situation is that the artist is attempting to render. How the viewer reacts to a great painting transcends its immediate story and strikes a deeper chord, one that hopefully evolves and changes as the viewer contemplates the art over time.

It is this last and most worthy goal that artists like James Dietz aspire to. In his portrait of events in the 20th and 21st Centuries, he labors to achieve that rare combination of historical fact and the romance, adventure and color of fiction.

Born in San Francisco, Jim graduated from Art Center College of Design in 1969. He had a successful illustration career in Los Angeles and New York, with a steady flow of work ranging from automobile ads, movie posters, and romantic and historical/action book covers.

Jim is one of the best figure artists in the World. with an ability to create a scene that takes you back in time and gives you the feeling of being a part
of history.

Abandon Self, Embrace Team<b style= "color: black;font-weight:bold,"> THE BOMBER BOYS - <b style= "color: red;font-weight:bold,"> NEW RELEASE </b>by JAMES DIETZ
Breaking the Paradigm <br>By James Dietz<br>
The Task Force Ranger - The Battle of Black Hawk Down  <br> New Release <br>
Blackjack's New Scouts<br> By James Dietz<br>
Blue Max<br> By James Dietz<br>
Counter Attack by Jim Dietz
Dawn Departure <br> By James Dietz<br>
Early Launch<br> By James Dietz<br><b style= "color: blue; font-weight:bold,">    Doolittle Raid<br></b>
Fighting Fearlessly <br>By James Dietz
Eagle Legacy<br>
Eight Hours to Glory<br> By James Dietz
Freedom Isn't Free <br> By James Dietz<br>
High Ground At Easy Red<br>
High Summer, 1940<br>By James Dietz
Hold Fast <br> NEW RELEASE by Jim Dietz
The Homecoming<br> By James Dietz<br>
Into The Heart of Darkness<br>By James Dietz<br>
Into The Orchards<br>
Kandahar's Wild West<br>By James Dietz<br>
Le Autograph<br> By James Dietz<br>
Led By Love of Country <br> NEW RELEASE by JIM DIETZ
The Legacy Continues <br>
Let Valor Not Fail by Jim Dietz - Korean War<br>
The Lightning of Desert Storm <br> By James Dietz<br>
Mission Complete - Mission Ready <br> NEW RELEASE By JIM DIETZ
Out on a Limb<br> By James Dietz
On The Night Before <br> NEW RELEASE by James Dietz
On Patrol<br>
The Professionals<br> By Jim Dietz<br>
Red, White and Blue<br> By James Dietz<br>
Remembrance From Enduring Freedom<br>
THE ROCK!<br> By Jim Dietz
The Alaskan Farewell<br> by Jim Dietz<br>  $125<br>
Safe Harbor by Jim Dietz
Shooting Star <br>  By James Dietz<br> </b>
To Save Lives<br> by James Dietz<br>
We Happy Few
We Happy Few   <br> <b style= "color: red;font-weight:bold,">    NEW RELEASE</b>  by Jim Dietz
Sky Soldiers in Contact<br>by Jim Dietz<br>
Stands Alone, Together, Forever<br> By James Dietz<br>
Strike Into the Heart of the Taliban <br> By James Dietz<br>
Tough Day by Jim Dietz
The Veterans by Jim Dietz
The Warrior's Sword Has<br> Come to Rest by Jim Dietz </b> <br><b style= "color: blue;font-weight:bold,">  Signed by Adolf Galland</b>
Warm Reception by Jim Dietz <br> Joe Foss signed
When America Called <br> by Jim Dietz<br>
You Have Your Orders <br> By James Dietz<br>

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