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William A. Skeeter Hudson and Carl S. Fraser first crewed together in 1948 while flying the P-61B Black Widow as members of the 68th Fighter All-Weather Squadron (FAWS). They soon transitioned to the North American F-82G Twin Mustang and together were to earn a place in aviation history. On 25 June 1950- the North Korean People's Army crossed the 38th parallel and invaded South Korea. The following day- the decision was made to evacuate American nationals by boat from Inchon Harbor. Air cover was provided by F-82G Twin Mustangs- as they were the only planes immediately available with sufficient range and loiter capability to reach the area from USAF bases in Japan. On 27 June 1950- the evacuation was shifted from Inchon to Kimpo airfield- outside the South Korean capitol of Seoul. C-54 and C-47 transports were flown in from Japan with Twin Mustangs again providing air cover. It was late morning when four F-82's- orbiting over Kimpo- were bounced by a pair of North Korean fighters. The painting depicts Lieutenants Hudson and Fraser engaging one of the North Korean fighters after its initial attack. They were later officially credited with the first aerial victory of the Korean War. During the next few months- Lieutenants Hudson and Fraser went on to fly 53 combat missions- consisting of day and night bombing- strafing- bomber escort- and armed reconnaissance sorties.

HIGH NOON AT KIMPO by MIKE MACHAT (F-82 Twin Mustang: Korean War:)@vbader.com


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