For King and Country - NEW RELEASE - by Nicolas Trudgian
For King and Country - NEW RELEASE - by Nicolas Trudgian
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For King and Country - NEW RELEASE - by Nicolas Trudgian

Main edition limited to only 210 worldwide: $250

Signed by 5 of the ‘Few’
Battle of Britain edition limited to only 50 worldwide: $455
Signed by 10 of the ‘Few’
This comes with the companion print CROSSING THE EPPING ROAD
signed by 3 of the ‘Few’
Matted Battle of Britain Edition: $795

In morning light, Hurricanes of No. 56 Squadron, with 'US-X' flown by Pilot Officer Geoffrey Page, scramble from North Weald to intercept a large formation of bombers heading for London. Below them, the airfield recovers from the damage of successive Luftwaffe attacks and the Hurricanes of No.151 Squadron which are receiving essential maintenance are, for safety, dispersed around the perimeter. Ground crews live under canvas to be close to their charges, while, just beyond the boundary hedge, life goes on as well as it can. On the 12th August 1940, Geoffrey Page would be shot down, bailing out, badly burned. It would be two years before he returned to flying.


Main edition limited to only 210 worldwide
Signed by Five of ‘The Few’

Flight Lieutenant Len Davies In July 1939 he joined 608 Sqn, AuxAF as an aircraft hand. On the 24th August he was called up and re-mustered as an airman u/t pilot. On completion of training he joined 151 Sqn. at North Weald on the 15th July 1940. On 28th August following combat over the Thames he was wounded in the leg, loosing allot of blood he decided to make a crash landing at Eastchurch. Control fired a flare to alert him to the bomb craters on the airfield, he had no option but to try and land, he overturned the Hurricane in one of the craters. After convalescence he re-joined the Squadron until January 1941 where he was posted to Malta.

Wing Commander Bob Foster DFC AE On the 1st May 1939 he joined the RAFVR. On 2nd September he was called up for full time service, after initial training he was sent to Sutton Bridge to convert to Hurricanes. Commissioned on the 9th June he was then posted to 605 Sqn. on the 6th July. In combat with a Bf109 on 27th September his Hurricane was badly damaged, which he force landed at Gatwick, the following day he damaged a Ju88. Also seeing intense combats throughout October for which he clamed several victories. September 1941 he was posted to 55 OTU. His final score was 6 victories.

Flight Lieutenant Keith Lawrence DFC In February 1938 he enrolled in the civil reserve of pilots in New Zealand, in June was granted a short service commission in the RAF, leaving for the UK on February 1st 1939. After training he was posted to 234 Sqn. flying Blenheim’s but the Squadron started to receive Spitfires in March 1940. Seeing intense combat through July and August with several victories before being posted to 603 Sqn. at Hornchurch on the 15th September. On the 8th October he was posted to the newly formed 421 Flight which was forming at Hawkinge, on the 26th November he was shot down by Bf 109’s, badly injured and landing in the Channel he was picked up by a mine-sweeper and was taken to Ramsgate.

Wing Commander Tom Neil DFC* AFC AE Joining the RAFVR in October 1938, he was called up for full-time service on the 2nd September. After initial training he was commissioned and joined249 Sqn. in May 1940 flying Hurricanes. On the 7th September he claimed a Bf 109, He 111 on the 11th two Bf 109 on the 15th and a DO 17. On the 27th he destroyed a Bf 110 and a JU 88and also a Bf 110 probable destroyed and sharing a JU 88. In October he shared a DO 17 on the 25th and destroyed a BF 109 on the 27th. On the 7th November he also destroyed a JU 87 and two BF 109’s, on this same day he collided with another Hurricane bailing out unhurt. For these victories he was awarded a DFC on the 8th October 1940 and a bar on the 26th November 1940. Squadron Leader Geoffrey Wellum DFC Joined the RAF on a short service commission in August 1939. When training was completed and converting to Spitfires he was posted to 92 Sqn. on the 21st May 1940. In June the Squadron was based at Pembury and then moved to the famed Biggin Hill base in September, flying throughout the Battle of Britain with 92 Sqn with a victory on the 11th September and the destruction of a Ju88 on the 27th. In August 1941 he was posted to 52 OTU as an instructor.

Battle of Britain edition limited to only 50 worldwide
Signed by 10 of "The Few"

This comes with the companion print CROSSING THE EPPING ROAD
signed by three pilots from 151 Squadron

FOR KING AND COUNTRY is signed by Ten of ‘The Few’ The five above and the following

Wing Commander Paul Farnes DFM Joined the RAF VR in April 1938. After initial training and spending 6 months with the RAF he converted to Hurricanes. On the 14th September 1939 he joined 501 Sqn. The Squadron flew to France on the 10th May 1940 where he achieved several victories. Being withdrawn from France the Squadron regrouped and moved to Gravesend on the 26th July. During the next three months he fought with distinction in the Battle of Britain scoring more victories. He was awarded the DFM on the 22nd October 1940. November 1940 he was posted to 57 OTU. He final tally was 8 victories with many damaged.

Squadron Leader Tony Iveson DFC AE Joined with RAFVR in September 1938, being called up for full service on the 1st September 1939. On completion of training and converting to Spitfires he was posted to 616 Sqn. at Kenley at the beginning of September 1940. On the 16th he ditched in the North sea after running out of fuel chasing a JU 88. He was lucky enough to be picked up by a MTB and taken to Yarmouth. He was posted to 92 Sqn. on the 11th October.

Squadron Leader Tony Pickering AE In April 1939 he joined the RAFVR and began weekend flying. Called up for full time service on the 1st September1939. After training he was posted to 32 Sqn. at Biggin Hill with two other newly trained pilots. With no experience in flying Hurricanes the C/O sent them to 6 OTU. On the 25th August they rejoined 32 Sqn. Two days later the Squadron was posted for rest where Pickering and the two other pilots were sent to 501 Sqn. at Gravesend. On the 11th September he was shot down by a Bf109 on the 29th October he claimed a Bf109 destroyed. In December he was posted to 601 Sqn.

Squadron Leader Nigel Rose AE In March 1939 joined the RAFVR. After initial training and converting to Spitfires he joined 602 Sqn. at Drem on the 18th June. They were posted to Westhampnett where he claimed a BF 110 destroyed on the 25th August and another on the 7th September. He was injured on the 9th September and did not return to operations until the 7th October claiming a BF 109 destroyed on 29th. He stayed with the Squadron until the 2nd September 1941. Flying Officer Ken Wilkinson He joined the RAF VR in March 1939, he was called up on the 1st September 1939. After initial training and converting to Spitfires he joined 611 Sqn then moved to 616 Sqn. On the 1st October he joined 19 Sqn, he was then posted to 56 OTU as an instructor. In February 1943 he joined 234 Sqn then moved on to 165 Sqn. He was commissioned in February 1944 and released in the RAF in 1945.

FOR KING AND COUNTRY by NICOLAS TRUDGIAN (Battle of Britain: RAF: Fighter Command:)


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