Fist Full of Throttles by Mike Machat <b style="color:red;font-weight: bold;">NEW!</b><br>
Fist Full of Throttles by Mike Machat NEW!
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Open Edition Cameo on canvas.... $40.00
Image Size: 13.5" X 9"
Sold flat only w/ limited border

Open Edition Print on Synthetic Vinyl....$65
Image Size: 25" X 16.5"
Paper Size: 29" X 21"

Open Edition Print on Archival paper....$95
Image Size: 25" X 16.5"
Paper Size: 29" X 21"

52 Limited Edition Giclees on Canvas
20" X 13.25" (Small) Unstretched Canvas....$195
20" X 13.25" (Small) Stretched Canvas....$270
30" X 20" (Medium) Unstretched Canvas....$395
30" X 20" (Medium) Stretched Canvas....$480
40" X 26.5" (Large) Unstretched Canvas....$595
40" X 26.5" (Large) Stretched Canvas....$695
45" X 30" (Ex Large) Unstretched Canvas....$995.00
All Limited Giclees are Signed and Numbered by the Artist

Plane Type: Boeing B-52D

With World War II over and the world finally at peace, a new silent threat came into existence from a former U.S. ally, the Soviet Union. This new “Cold War” carried the spectre of nuclear global annihilation, as the world’s two superpowers developed countless new weapons of deterrence. Perhaps the mightiest was the mammoth eight-engine Boeing B-52 Stratofortress, developed to deliver a nuclear strike anywhere in the world within hours. The B-52D shown here is carrying two Hound Dog cruise missiles to broaden its reach. Later versions of the Stratofortress are still flying today.

Our Flat Canvas Option- When you purchase a flat canvas you will get just the image with approximately a quarter inch of extra canvas surrounding the image. This option is good for collectors who just want a document of the cleaned image on canvas. The Flat Canvas is suitable for framing but will probably need a matte and glass to finish a framed presentation.

Our Synthetic Vinyl Option- When you purchase a print on this NEW synthetic vinyl, you will not only get the same great re-mastered image, but you will be able to get it cheaper than any of our other printing surfaces. The vinyl prints just like paper and you will be able to mount it, and frame it just like any other print. A real breakthrough for those of you who like your art BIG!

Our Un-Stretched Option- When you purchase an un-stretched print from Plane Junkie you will get your image and a colored border surrounding the image. This colored border will enhance the image when it is stretched onto stretcher bars and will be seen on the edge in order to accent the printed image.

Our Stretched Canvas Option- When you purchase a stretched canvas from Plane Junkie you will be getting a completed canvas with colored border stretched, finished with a wire on the back, and ready to hang on your wall. If you're not into the hassle of finding a framer to stretch your canvas or the cost of framing, which could run as much as your canvas, then this is the option for you. (note: Shipping could be higher on this option since we box these for guerrilla warfare and they are larger and more fragile.)



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