“Spitfire flown by Wing Commander R.R.S. Tuck”,
Battle of Britain Ace (30 Confirmed)

We have received an entire collection on consignment! Most pieces are rare and sold out Dambusters prints, with air and ground crew signatures and/or remarques or may be presentation, artist or publisher’s proofs.
Many items are signed by members of the legendary 617 Squadron, who flew the Dambusters mission.

Robert Taylor, Richard Taylor, Anthony Saunders, Mark Postlethwaite, Michael Wooten and many more.

<big><center>”Top Dog” by Robert Taylor <br/>RAF Edition</center></big><big><center> “Day Duties for the Night Worker” by Robert Taylor <br> VC Artist Proof Edition #24/25</big></center><big><center> “Last Flight” ORIGINAL<br>by Richard Taylor
<big><Center> “For Freedom” by Richard Taylor<big><Center>
<center><big> “Ops On Hold” by Richard Taylor<br> Three Lancaster Crewmember Signatures<br>Remarque<br/></center></big>
<center><big> “Grand Slam” <br>by Richard Taylor<br>Tribute Edition<br> Seven Lancaster Crewmember Signatures<br>With Matted ORIGINAL drawing <br/></center></big>
<center><big> “Preparing T-Tommy”<br> by Richard Taylor<br>COLOUR remarque<br/> </center></big>
<big><center>“St. Croix Sur Mer” by Robert Taylor<br>Johnnie Johnson signature<br></big></center><big><center> “Combat Over London” by Robert Taylor<br>Six Famous Battle of Britain Ace Signatures</big></center>
<big> “Day Duties for the Night Workers”<br> by Robert Taylor<br> 54 Lancaster Aircrew Signatures!
<big><center>“Dambusters, A Moment in History” by Mark Postlethwaite </big></center>
<big><center> “The Dambusters-Breaching the Möhne” <br>by Gerald Coulson<br/>Nine Dambuster Signatures</center></big>
<big><center> “Homeward Bound” by Nicolas Trudgian<br/>Seven Dambuster Signatures<br/>Remarque<br/></center></big>
<big><center> “Preparing for the Tirpitz” by Philip West<br>Four Aircrew Signatures<br>Remarque  </center></big>
<big><center> “Dambusters”<br> by Anthony Saunders<br>Two Dambusters Signatures</big></center>
<big><center>”Mosquito Mk VI” by Terence Cuneo</big></center><big><center>”En-Route” by Anthony Saunders <br/>Two Dambusters Signatures</center></big><big><center>“Lancaster Homecoming” ORIGINAL<br>by Steven Brown </big></center>
<big><center>”NJG-1” by Michael Turner<br/>Signed by ten NJG-1 air crew.</big></center>
<big><center> “Spitfire Flown By Robert Stanford Tuck” by D. Broomfield<br>Battle of Britain Ace Signed<br><br/></big></center>
<big><center>”Maximum Effort” by Nicolas Trudgian <br/>Presentation Copy</center></big>
<big><center> “Night Attack” by Robert Taylor<br>Bill Reid, V.C. Signed<br></big></center>
<big><center>”En-Route to the Bielefeld Viaduct” <br/>by Nicolas Trudgian<br/> The First Time The Grand Slam Bomb Was Used Operationally. </center></big>

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