Caught On The Surface<br> NEW  Giclee Studio Canvas<br> By Robert Taylor<br>
Caught On The Surface
NEW Giclee Studio Canvas
By Robert Taylor
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NEW Giclee Studio Canvas Edition of 75: $795

The Battle of the Atlantic was fought by the Royal Navy and RAF Coastal Command against the U-boats. It was a long, deadly struggle in which Hitler’s prized U-boat fleet attempted to starve Britain of food, fuel and the materials of war by destroying the convoys that kept it supplied. The effective use of depth charges by Allied aircraft demanded an attack from extremely low level, but as each submarine was armed with 10 cannons, the dangers to the aircrews was immense.

Canvas size: 36” wide x 24” high

The hunter becomes the hunted in a remarkable true encounter between Sunderland ‘U’of 461 Sqn and U-Boat U-461 during the Battle of the Atlantic.

On 30 July 1943 Short Sunderland flying boat ‘U’ of 461 Sqn RAAF attacked and sank one of three German submarines caught on the surface in the Bay of Biscay. In an ironic twist of fate the submarine was also U-461.

Robert Taylor’s dramatic and powerful painting depicts Sunderland ‘U’ at extremely low-level, enduring a barrage of gunfire after delivering a successful attack to sink U-461. In an instinctive act of compassion the Sunderland pilot circled the scene to drop a dingy to the U-boat survivors.

This classic image is one of Robert Taylor's most powerful paintings and the signed lithograph edition is highly sought after on the secondary market so we are delighted that this breathtaking painting can now be faithfully replicated on canvas as a ‘Museum Quality’ piece to be treasured for a lifetime.

Reproduced in a dramatic and imposing size this masterpiece could grace the walls of any home, study or office to create a truly commanding centerpiece!

Produced and printed onto fine canvas under the direct supervision of the artist each of these carefully crafted Giclée Studio Proofs is mounted onto high quality stretchers and fully authorised and signed by the artist Robert Taylor.

US $795
Edition Size - 75

CAUGHT ON THE SURFACE by Robert Taylor (Short Sunderland: RAF Robert Taylor)


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