Anthony Saunders
Anthony Saunders must be one of the most outstanding naval and aviation artists around today. He has extraordinary skill in portraying scenes of aerial combat that took place before he was born. Although in his own words Anthony prefers the artistic side of painting war aircraft rather than the historic side, he will spend many hours researching a subject, making sure that it is technically correct in every detail before applying any oil to canvas. The results of this technical and artistic skill are easy to see in his paintings; breathtaking skyscapes graced with the machines of aerial warfare beautifully brought to life with the rich colour that is unique to oil paint. With this skill it is hardly surprising that Anthony also paints many subjects other than aviation; scenes from Crimea and Waterloo are a particular favourite. He is equally at home with landscapes and portraits.

SALUTE TO THE BRAVE - $105  <b style= "color: red;font-weight:bold,"> <BR>  NEW RELEASE</b>   by ANTHONY SAUNDERS - $105UP AMONGST EAGLES -  <b style= "color: red;font-weight:bold,"> <BR>  NEW RELEASE</b>      by - ANTHONY SAUNDERS
WHERE STORM CLOUDS GATHER -  <b style= "color: red;font-weight:bold,"> <BR>  NEW RELEASE</b>     by ANTHONY SAUNDERS
 RETURN OF THE PATHFINDERS </b>  -<b style= "color: red;font-weight:bold,"><br> New Release</b>    By ANTHONY SAUNDERS
BEYOND THE STORM - -<b style= "color: red;font-weight:bold,"><br> New Release</b> by ANTHONY SAUNDERS<br>Available as a Pair with  CHECKING OUT
CHECKING OUT  -<b style= "color: red;font-weight:bold,"> New Release<br> </b> by ANTHONY SAU NDERS<br> Available as a Pair with BEYOND THE STORM
PACIFIC  GLORY -<b style= "color: red;font-weight:bold,">     NEW RELEASE</b>   by ANTHONY SAUNDERS
“Approach to the Moehne Dam” by Anthony Saunders<be> <b style= "color: red;font-weight:bold,"> <BR>  NEW RELEASE</b>
Long Haul to Berlin<br><b style= "color: red;font-weight:bold,">NEW TUSKEGEE RELEASE</b>  by Anthony Saunders
<b style= "color: black;font-weight:bold,"> Coup De Grace <br> <b style= "color: red;font-weight:bold,">    NEW</b> BOOK and PRINT PACKAGE by Anthony Saunders
<b><b style= "color: red;font-weight:bold,">NEW </b>       THE DAMBUSTERS - AND THE EPIC WARTIME RAIDS OF 617 SQUADRON<br>$35<br>
 Welcome Return<br> By Anthony Saunders<br>  $145
Battle of the Brenner<br> The Battle for Italy Portfolio<br> By Anthony Saunders<br>
Berlin Boar Fight<br> A Commemorative Portfolio<br>By Anthony Saunders
The Big Push <br><b style= "color: red;font-weight:bold,"> NEW RELEASE</b> by Anthony Saunders
The Breach <br> by Anthony Saunders
Breakout - The Kriegsmarine Portfolio<br>
Bridge Busters<br> By Anthony Saunders<br>
Clash of Eagles<br> By Anthony Saunders<br>
Dambusters<br> By Anthony Saunders
Dawn Breakers<br> A D-Day Portfolio<br>
Day of Infamy <br>by Anthony Saunders
Deadly Pass <br> NEW RELEASE by Anthony Saunders
The Eismeer Patrol - The Kriegsmarine Portfolio<br>
Decisive Blow<br> NEW RELEASE by Anthony Saunders
Destination Tokyo -<br> <b style= "color: red;font-weight:bold,">  NEW RELEASE </b><br>by Anthony Saunders<br> <b style= "color: blue; font-weight:bold,">   Doolittle Raid</b>
Enroute<br> By Anthony Saunders
Fear Nothing - The Battle of Britain Portfolio<br>
Final Briefing<br>NEW RELEASE<br> Dambusters Portfolio<br> By Anthony Saunders<br>
The Final Roster <br> NEW RELEASE By Anthony Saunders - $165
HELLFIRE CORNER <br> <b style= "color: red;font-weight:bold,">     NEW RELEASE    </b>  by ANTHONY SAUNDERS
High Summer by Anthony Saunders
Homeward Bound by Anthony Saunders
Juno Beach <br> By Anthony Saunders<br>
King of the Air <br>NEW RELEASE by Anthony Saunders<br> Book/Print Portfolio
The Longest Summer<br> BOOK/PRINT PACKAGE  <br>NEW RELEASE  By Anthony Saunders<br>$30/125
Low Pass Over the Moehne Dam<br>By Anthony Saunders<br>
The Merlin Chorus<br> Battle of Britain Portfolio<br>
Night Skies Over The Reich<br>A Commemorative Portfolio
Pathway to the Ruhr<br>New Release By Anthony Saunders<br>
Roam At Will<br>The Battle For Italy Portfolio<br> By Anthony Saunders<br>
Return of the Hunters<br> A D-Day Portfolio <br>
Strike On Berlin<br> New Release By Anthony Saunders<br> $165<br>
Thunder In the Ardennes <br> NEW RELEASE <br> By ANTHONY SAUNDERS
To Hell and Back<br>New Release<br>By Anthony Saunders<br>

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