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Alan Bean was the Fourth man to walk on the moon - but the first man to turn this incredible accomplishment into a lifelong mission to re-create the history of Space travel.

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Alan Bean—Apollo XII astronaut, commander of Skylab II and artist—was born in 1932 in Wheeler, Texas. In 1950 he was selected for an NROTC scholarship at the University of Texas at Austin. In 1955, he was commissioned an ensign in the United States Navy.

Holder of eleven world records in space and astronautics, as well as numerous national and international honors, Alan Bean has had a most distinguished peacetime career. His awards include two NASA Distinguished Service Medals, the Yuri Gagarin Gold Medal and the Robert J. Collier Trophy. As part of the Apollo XII crew, he became the fourth of only twelve men ever to walk on the Moon. As the spacecraft commander of Skylab Mission II, he set a world record: 24,400,000 miles traveled during the 59-day flight. He has also launched himself successfully into a new career as an artist.

When he wasn’t flying, Bean always enjoyed painting as a hobby. Attending night classes at St. Mary’s College in Maryland in 1962, Alan experimented with landscapes. During training and between missions as a test pilot and astronaut, he continued private art lessons. On space voyages, his artist’s eye and talent enabled him to document impressions of the Moon and space to be preserved later on canvas. His art reflects the attention to detail of the aeronautical engineer, the respect for the unknown of the astronaut and the unabashed appreciation of a skilled painter.

The space program has seen unprecedented achievements and Bean realized that most of those who participated actively in this adventure would be gone in forty years. He knew that if any credible artistic impressions were to remain for future generations, he must paint them now. “My decision to resign from NASA in 1981 was based on the fact that I am fortunate enough to have seen sights no other artist ever has,” Bean said, “and I hope to communicate these experiences through art.”

A Jewel In The Heavens by Alan Bean
A New Frontier by Alan Bean
Apollo Moonscape - An Artist's Vision by Alan Bean
Armstrong Heads Beyond The Boulders by Alan Bean
Beyond A Young Boy's Dream by Alan Bean
Conquistadors by Alan Bean
Fast Times on the Ocean of Storms by Alan Bean
The Eagle is Headed Home by Alan Bean
Feelin' Fine by Alan Bean
First Artist on Another World by Alan Bean
First Flag by Alan Bean
First Men: Neil Armstrong by Alan Bean
First Men -  Edwin E. "Buzz" Aldrin by Alan Bean
First Artist on Another World <br> Smithsonian Poster
Getting Ready to Ride by Alan Bean
Heavenly Reflections by Alan Bean
Hello Universe<br>Signed by Gene Cernan and Edgar Mitchell<br>
Home Sweet Home by Alan Bean
John Young Leaps Into History<br>
Lone Star by Alan Bean
Lunar Grand Prix
Monet's Moon by Alan Bean
Moon Rovers by Alan Bean
My Brother Jim Irwin<br> by Alan Bean
“On The Rim” by Alan Bean
A New Frontier by Alan Bean
Our Own Personal Spaceships by Alan Bean
Our World At My Fingertips by Alan Bean
Painting Apollo - First Artist on Another World by Alan Bean
Painting Apollo - First Artist on Another World<br>
Pete and  Me by Alan Bean
Right Stuff Field Geologists
Reaching for the Stars -  Incredible Signatures!
Rollin' Home by Alan Bean
Savoring The Moment<br> by Alan Bean
Senator Schmitt Samples Sub Surface Soil by Alan Bean
Some Tools of Our Trade by Alan Bean
This Beautiful Planet is Revolving Around Us by Alan Bean
We Came in  Peace For All Mankind by Alan Bean

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